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Tell me about the advantages of iCONECT’s Latest Release.

This latest release is now faster and easier to use than ever! Take advantage of scalable deployment with powerful Elasticsearch technology, quick access to new coding metrics, and streamlined field management with a new Fields page.

End users can take advantage of a more flexible review experience: dynamic workflow in Table View with unlimited templates, color-coded tags in Table View, intuitive search – and a built-in entity search to help find sensitive information quickly.

With these new advantages, what do I have to do to get iCONECT’s Latest Release?

We are going to set you up for success! Before the update, you’ll receive our support:

  • iCONECT Administrators will need to complete the Latest Release Update training in the COiL System.
  • iCONECT Support will run a tool on your system to help you prioritize your projects for reindexing post update. You will be required to prioritize your projects and provide that prioritization to iCONECT Support pre update.
  • iCONECT Support will review your system and talk through any potential changes required and provide a downtime estimate for the update.

Reindexing: do we have to go into each project to do that?

No way! Although we have moved from dtSearch to Elasticsearch as the underlying search engine, which means projects will need to be reindexed, the list you provided will be used to automatically create new Elasticsearch indexes post update.

My users are going to need help adjusting. How can I make the transition easier?

iCONECT Training is here to help and make the transition as seamless as possible. We can set up your key users on an internal system pre-update so they can get familiar with the changes. We have a full set of user videos about the search changes that can be accessed, and easy to use job aids that you can download and distribute. We can also do live training pre and post update. 

Are there any licensing, contract or addendum changes needed?

No. Although this is a large update, full of awesome new features, this update is included in your current licensing and contract.

How do I see the full list of changes in iCONECT’s Latest Release?
Open iCONECT’s Release Notes page. Also change this link so it opens in a new window.

I want to talk about this further. Who should I contact?

If you have a sales related question, send an email to sales@iconect.com. If you have a technical question, contact iCONECT Support at support@iconect.com or 1-855-645-6190.