Administrator Certification

Administrator Certification, designed to equip administrators with the tools necessary to manage any type of review, is available to individuals employed by a company with an iCONECT-XERA server, or an affiliated partner.  The course covers all of iCONECT-XERA’s features, empowering administrators to set up efficient workflows and maximize the user experience.  Classes are designed for litigation support analysts, database and project managers, and others who want to learn how to create databases, load data and manage their iCONECT servers, as well as those who have received the Power Reviewer Certificate.

Note: The Power Reviewer Certificate is a requirement for this course.

Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification means the completion of the Project Management course only (the details of which are listed below). Upon successful completion of the training, including written assessments and lab projects, you will receive a Project Management certificate, a Certified iCONECT-XERA Project Management logo for use on your company website and email signature line, and 24/7 access to iCONECT’s Technical Support team.

Courses for XERA Administrator Certification

Administrator Certification means the completion of the following courses:

  1. The Project Management course, which includes the following:
    • Building and Maintaining coding and categorizing panels for optimal workflow.
    • Creating and using indexes and functionality so that users can review documents and easily review document relationships in the collection.
    • Using data and the iVIEW graphing tool to provide all team members with insight into the data, review status, and more.
    • Creating and using both production templates and mass action templates in XERA.
  2. The System Administration course, which includes the following:
    • Creation of clients, projects, and databases, including creation of database structures for optimal review purposes
    • Data integration: images, natives, OCR; best practices to ensure that rolling loads are optimally integrated; and the setup of iCONECT-XERA templates for easier data integration
    • Management of multiple clients and cases within iCONECT-XERA without compromising security or privacy
    • Branding options to retain your brand in the software interface
    • Troubleshooting of database and end user issues

Successful completion of the Project Management and System Administrator courses, including written assessments and lab projects, qualifies students as certified iCONECT-XERA administrators for one (1) year. To retain administrator status, administrators must attend a recertification class annually (scroll down for details).

Upon completion of administrator training, students will receive the Certified iCONECT-XERA Administrator logo for use on their company website and email signature line, a login to iCONECT’s Technical Support Portal, 24/7 access to iCONECT’s Technical Support team, and a free administrator license.

Clients who own an iCONECT server must:

  • Employ a minimum of two (2) Certified Administrators for the first iCONECT system
  • Employ (1) Certified Administrator for each additional iCONECT system.


Training Dates Available:

Class Date Time* Location
Check back soon for training dates.      

Dates are subject to change.
*All times are Eastern Standard unless otherwise indicated.
Note that the time listed above is the maximum amount of time allotted for the class. Class times may be shorter, depending on factors such as administrator knowledge, product familiarity, and class size.

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