NetworX Program Certification

Become a certified NetworX Professional

NetworX Certification is designed to equip NetworX Partners with tools to manage any type of review.

Choose the training path that best suits your experience and the needs of your future clients:





In this certification, we will cover how to
create users and set security for a project,
and learn how to manage a project structure
and data. Discover how to optimize workflow
with coding rules, search term reports, productions,
Continuous Active Learning (CAL) and more.

In this certification, we will cover how
to create new projects and how to successfully
load and manipulate data, review an iCONECT
system set up, server and system settings.
Explore best practices for optimizing your
project and backing up your environment.

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Training Path Prerequisite

Discover your iCONECT training path.

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