Developer SDK

iCONECT includes a Developer SDK Programming Library that enables firms to write scripts to load, modify, and maintain data as well as client, case, and user profiles. Use the Developer SDK to get your projects up and running quickly.

The iCONECT API allows developers to work with objects in iCONECT, including advanced functionality like managing clients, projects, records and files. The iCONECT API documentation is the easiest way to start making API calls. The iCONECT API uses common RESTful verbs: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests with JSON arguments and JSON responses. Authentication is via OAuth 2.0 using a Bearer token authorization request header.

You can download the Developer SDK from your server, or contact iCONECT support services:

Phone: (855) 915-8888 (8:30 AM to 8:00 PM ET, Mon through Fri)
Email: send e-mail