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Document Reviewer

My firm trialed this software through ILS and once we got used to how it works we found its features valuable and impressive. ILS was very helpful. The project for which we were reviewing the software got canceled, so we no longer needed to select an e-discovery software vendor. But I recommend looking into ILS and iCONECT for your e-discovery needs.


Owner - Avansic

End user ease of use. There is no learning curve for users. The software is still being improved. Rubs on simple affordable hardware.



The learning curve to teach new users is way smaller than most other competing products. As an administrator and trainer I need to be able to get a user up and running very quickly, and iCONECT offers that.


Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Member

Easy transition for users migrating from other platforms. Quick database setup, improving our time to deliver to the end user. Clever integrations that save labor.


Senior Litigation Support Analyst

Flexibility. Different levels of access for users limits fields, documents (or groups of documents), or tags. Coding as simple or complex as my users require. Paralegals can do the work they need to do, mass coding, setting up binders, without needing admin access.


Ediscovery & Practice Support Manager

The security and customization is nice. Templates have been developed for ease in creating databases

Michael W


The support team at iCONECT make this product and their overall experience for sure. The product is intuitive, and it works as advertised containing everything my clients are looking for, but it’s the people and the execution of support and partner relationships that make my business work.


Consultant/Project Manager

The software is highly user-friendly. The response from our attorneys and support staff has been consistently positive. They enjoy being able to control the organization of their materials and their reviews.

Kenya Dixon-Parrish

Empire Technology Risk Management Group (ETRM).

iCONECT had a fabulous feature, called COVER, which helps with FOIA. It does auto-redaction in a way that there really is no other competitor.

Marc Hirschfeld

Precision Legal

The best thing I did for my business was partner with iCONECT. iCONECT helps me make my client attorneys so much more efficient.

Alex Lewis

Kuro Group

In 18 months our lead counsel saved about $1.2 million in review versus other options.

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