Recorded Webinars

iCONECT provides a series of recorded webinars to educate end user customers on the overall features and benefits our Review Platform products have to offer. Users can access the classes anytime. Each recorded session takes less than an hour to cover a specific topic as defined below.

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Optional On-Prem Solutions—Your Case, Right Where You Want It

Recorded Webinars  |  posted on December 3rd, 2022  | 

Optional On-Prem Solutions—Your Case, Right Where You Want It

Join us and learn how iCONECT’s on-prem solution can fit your business needs. Unlike cloud-only solutions, the on-prem system can be deployed behind the firewall or in a firm’s data center, giving select individuals the ultimate access and control. In your infrastructure, managed by your IT, you can leverage the power of your hardware, workflows, security including Active Directory, best practices, and expertise. Ian Campbell, iCONECT’s CEO will walk you through to make sure we find the optionality that suits your business needs.

eDiscovery Bootcamp: 4 ways to amplify your ideal eDiscovery workflow

Recorded Webinars  |  posted on April 11th, 2022  | 

eDiscovery Bootcamp: 4 ways to create the ideal eDiscovery workflow

In this webinar, Ian Campbell of iCONECT and Dr. Gavin Manes of Avansic will show four ways to use humans, tools, and data to achieve eDiscovery success. Detailed techniques to use during project origination, how to request and load data from your clients, and how to modernize production requests from other parties. Learn how to use your documents most effectively to prepare for depositions and motion practice. Including specific goals of each step and how standards and automation can streamline your next eDiscovery project.