The iCONECT solution has successfully completed a Burp Suite application security testing.
We’ve also completed the FedRAMP certification process with a Public Sector vendor. FedRAMP is
a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment,
authorization, and monitoring for cloud-based products and services. Its authorization process
includes an in-depth examination of the solution’s data security and data governance capabilities,
as well as the security practices of its administrative services and logging capabilities.


Watch how we’re helping to redefine public sector Data and document management

Servicing a wide range of industries from Federal, State and Local governments, iCONECT provides an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for multi-party access to confidential files, documents and form data extraction and FOIA compliance. 

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iCONECT is authorized for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) with Innovative Discovery of Arlington, VA. This status allows Federal government agencies to will allow Federal government agencies to leverage the power of the iCONECT document and multi-media review technology.

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Tailored to help organizations focus more on their project goals than on administrative tasks, iCONECT SaaS, hosted in Microsoft Azure, allows agencies to manage user setup, security, importing, matter management, and more.

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Many agencies want to keep their projects behind their firewall and you can deploy iCONECT in any environment. Contact us about technical specifications that meet your firewall requirements for internal security policies.

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Our worldwide Legal Service Providers are ideal for projects that do not require FedRAMP project hosting. LSPs are seasoned eDiscovery organizations with project management expertise that leverage best-practice workflows.

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About FedRAMP

FedRAMP is a US Federal program that standardizes the assessment and authorization process for companies that are looking to provide cloud-based services to US Federal agencies. This standardization allows for a “do once, repeat many” process that agencies can leverage to reduce rework of security assessments, authorizations and continuous monitoring. The efficiency gains from this process allow for a smoother federal procurement and facilitate modernization efforts.





Tap into the iCONECT Difference


  • Leverage built-in powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology
  • Quickly and accurately import, analyze, organize, code and
    search information from any document
  • Key component of any eDiscovery, document management, governance or archival workflow
  • Reduce your dependency on costly, manual processes
  • Improve customer service, and drive new business

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  • A cost-effective and powerful way to identify PII, PHI
    and keywords in any document and language
  • Create black bar redactions on your selected production
    format that you can download in minutes
  • Protect sensitive data while meeting compliance requirements
  • Over 820 file types can be redacted – including Excel files.
  • Customize your redactions to suit your needs

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  • Award-winning document review platform
  • Build and manage small and medium volumes
  • Secured with FedRAMP audit requirement
  • Works with thousands of users

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  • Create customized templates for any form layout
  • Define meta-data types, formats, and structure
    to minimize eyes-on-documents
  • Improve turnaround time and reduce errors
  • Automatically feed extracted data into application and line-of-business processes
  • Identify the information you need without manual data entry
  • Document sorting/scan time is reduced regardless of barcodes

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  • Applied machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Classify, harness and retain the
    Business Intelligence of your data
  • Ideal for the creation of a ‘data lake’ to search, sort,
    organize and categorize your documents and data
  • Data governance, ROT management, data retention

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  • Built-in Video and audio management, scaled to suit your needs
  • Flexible content options that work for you, including mobile capture and public upload accessPause and timestamp
  • Pause, annotate and timestamp important content for investigation
  • Integrated speech-to-text conversions to easily track down key
  • Analyze sentiment or search for private information (PII)
  • Facial identification & license plate identification (LPR)

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Our RFP toolkit contains 100+ items you should ask for in your next eDiscovery tool and some information to help you decide what’s right for now and for over the horizon.

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