Powerful Integrated Processing

Designed for speed, reliability and accuracy to enhance the eDiscovery workflow.

iCONECT’s integrated processing module was custom created by people with advanced computer science degrees and decades of e-discovery experience. It seamlessly imports data, allowing users to process, perform ECA, review documents, perform analytics, and create productions all in one place.


  • Processes native documents, loadfiles, or filelists
  • Handles hundreds of standard and non-standard filetypes for text and metadata extraction
  • Accepts migration of data from other e-discovery applications (including legacy programs)
  • Automatically aligns over 2000 metadata fields with customizable preconfigured spreadsheets
  • Allows multiple simultaneous imports even to the same database
  • Expands complex and container file formats where subitems can be extracted as separate files(for example, .msg, .pst, .ost, .zip, winmail.dat) including psts from Office365
  • Deduplication of email and loose files by either Local, Global or Custodian
  • Filter out items with options for NSRL (De-NIST), Dates, filename, and file extension filtering
  • Document imaging and OCR of text exceptions or scanned documents
  • Configurable automatic production placeholder creation for spreadsheets, etc
  • Automatic conversion of email formats MBOX, EML and EMLx to MSGUser


  • Drag and drop simplicity for loading native documents at speeds from 5 to 20GBs per hour
  • Loads larger data sets without having to import, then export
  • Detects and organizes exceptions (for example, encrypted or corrupt files) into folders, saving user time when handling those exceptions
  • Real Time – allows users to begin reviewing documents before processing completes
  • Extensive logging of progress, processing exceptions and warnings

Infrastructure Advantages:

  • Ready to use immediately after install with provided iCONECT templates
  • iCONECT processing is multithreaded and processing maximizes the use of all CPU and input/output resources but can be configured run on as little as 8GBs of RAM
  • Only requires a Virus scanner and at least Windows 7 or Windows Server 2012 R2. No additional software is required beyond the worker operating system.
  • Virtually unlimited instances of iCONECT processing workers without the need for additional licensing and Multiple instances can be run on one worker.
  • Cross platform – access via a modern web browser, no installation or plugins required