Processing Simplified

We’ve made it easy to get your project started, regardless of your data format.

iCONECT’s integrated processing module was custom created by people with advanced computer science backgrounds and decades of e-discovery experience. It seamlessly imports data, allowing users to process, perform ECA, review documents, perform analytics, and create productions all in one place.

Seamlessly integrated processing and eDiscovery Review Software

  • Automatically processes hundreds of standard and non-standard file types to reduce set up time
  • Drag and drop files directly into iCONECT for instant access
  • Incorporates template-based field mapping for project consistency
  • Detects and folders exceptions to expedite resolution
  • Expands container files to the bottom level to include all available data
  • Optional deduplication and date filtering
  • Link to a custodian and add customizable metadata
  • DFP Live has been developed and battle-tested in the market on top high-volume projects.


Easily import existing files from other applications

• Drag and drop or browse to DAT/CSV exported load files from Relativity, LAW or IPRO
• Create custom templates with 100’s of fields to match your import format
• Auto-builds new pathing for natives or images
• Ideal for loading produced data, natives and images
• Complex files are isolated for manual intervention

Unlimited users, projects, data volume and worker expansion.*

• Maximizes CPU usage to limit hardware requirements
• Supports multiple simultaneous import jobs for busy project management teams*
• Only available through iCONECT and its Hosting Partners
• Incorporate it into your existing iCONECT system or get it bundled in your new installation

*Additional charges may apply.