iCONECT Expands Accessibility with Launch of iCONECT SaaS and Innovative Pricing

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iCONECT Expands Accessibility with Launch of iCONECT SaaS and Innovative Pricing


August 23, 2023, San Francisco, CA – iCONECT, a respected leader with 20 years of experience in technology innovation and creators of the award-winning iCONECT platform, is thrilled to unveil iCONECT SaaS. This new offering, fortified by Microsoft Azure infrastructure, diversifies the platform’s accessibility beyond existing on-premises and third-party provider options.

Addressing the prevalent business challenge of balancing infrastructure, software, and project management duties, iCONECT SaaS is tailored to help organizations focus more on their project goals than on administrative tasks. With iCONECT SaaS, businesses can now manage user setup, security, importing, matter management, and more without the headache of overseeing hardware and hosting infrastructure.

“iCONECT has been a pioneer in providing web-based access to confidential data when in-house solutions were the norm,” says Emily Johnston, iCONECT’s Project Manager of Legal and Incident Response. “As cloud-based hosting has become the eDiscovery industry standard, we’re excited to increase our platform’s accessibility to meet this demand.”

Standing out with flexible pricing models, transparent billing, an inclusive feature approach, and project-level reporting, iCONECT SaaS also proudly introduces the “Price Protect” feature. This unique offering automatically provides discounts to customers as their data volume grows, without the need to renegotiate contracts. It’s an embodiment of iCONECT’s commitment to client-centric, value-driven service.

iCONECT SaaS is built within Microsoft Azure’s robust physical infrastructure and connective network components, yet goes beyond this by maintaining the same trusted and battle-tested iCONECT software already in the market.
All iCONECT products are built on a single, superior platform designed to empower our clients across all sectors. Our software solutions are secure, scalable, easy-to-use, and affordable, providing quick and easy access to big data insights, whether on-site or in the cloud. As we continue to push the boundaries of AI, iCONECT is reshaping the future of data and document management projects.

About iCONECT:
Founded in 1999, iCONECT continues today as a ground-breaking technology team of experienced, creative, agile problem solvers obsessed with simplifying their client’s data. Available for on-site deployment or through a worldwide channel of service providers, iCONECT software has been selected for use in some of the world’s largest high-profile data management projects such as the BP-Oil Spill, FDIC-900+ Banking Investigations and most recently the creation of a public access archive for the 30,000 JFK document and audio files released by the CIA.

Website: www.iCONECT.com
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