Meet Eric Dirks: iCONECT Welcomes Accomplished Leader as Chief Revenue Officer

Meet Eric Dirks: iCONECT Welcomes Accomplished Leader as Chief Revenue Officer

November 28, 2023, San Francisco, CA – iCONECT, a leading player in the technology and data management industry, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Eric Dirks as its new Chief Revenue Officer. With a stellar thirty-year career marked by outstanding achievements in sales and operations management, Eric brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his pivotal role at iCONECT.

“Eric Dirks is an accomplished executive with an impressive track record of driving growth at numerous companies,” said Cathy Monaghan, iCONECT, President/COO.  “Eric will play a key role as we take the next steps in our technology and data management strategy. We’re excited he’s decided to join iCONECT to lead our commercial teams and utilize his unique experience for our customers and our leadership team.”

Prior to joining iCONECT, Eric served as the Executive Vice President at HRSoft, where he led the company’s sales growth, substantially increasing revenues, and ultimately facilitated a successful exit to private equity. His experience extends to serving as a Corporate Vice President of Marketing and e-Business for a Fortune 500 company and successfully leading two private equity companies, showcasing his versatility across various business domains.

“iCONECT’s data management platform provides secure and easy access to big data insights with our data, document management, and e-discovery software technology, powered by AI.” said Eric Dirks, iCONECT Chief Revenue Officer.  “iCONECT enables organizations to solve their business challenges in data security, governance, extraction, privacy, sharing, and compliance.  iCONECT is uniquely positioned to grow our software platform and partner with organizations looking to transform their data management strategies. I look forward to working with our teams to grow revenues and deliver an outstanding customer experience.”

Eric Dirks is a seasoned and accomplished leader in the high-tech and software industry. His extensive experience, coupled with his talent for driving revenue growth and building top-performing teams, makes him a valuable addition to iCONECT’s leadership team. With Eric at the helm as the Chief Revenue Officer, iCONECT is poised for continued success and growth in the ever-evolving world of technology and data management.

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Founded in 1999, iCONECT continues today as a ground-breaking technology team of experienced, creative, agile problem solvers obsessed with simplifying their client’s data. Available for on-site deployment or through a worldwide channel of service providers, iCONECT software has been selected for use in some of the world’s largest high-profile data management projects such as the BP-Oil Spill, FDIC-900+ Banking Investigations and most recently the creation of a public access archive for the 30,000 JFK document and audio files released by the CIA.

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