On Prem Solutions

Private, In House, Centralized, Internal, On-Premises,
Island, On-Site, Domestic, Private Cloud
Whatever you call it, we have it.

Many companies want or are required to keep their projects within an environment under their sole control and access. Sometimes this is behind their own firewall or behind the firewall of their outside legal counsel. With iCONECT’s unique deployment you can deploy iCONECT in any environment. At iCONECT, we can help with technical specifications that meet your firewall requirements and internal security policies.


Unlike cloud-only solutions, the system can be deployed behind the firewall or in a firm’s data center, giving you the ultimate access and control. In your infrastructure, managed by your IT, you can leverage the power of your hardware, workflows, and security including Active Directory, best practices, and expertise.

In your facility behind your own firewall. Unlike cloud-only solutions, the system can be deployed behind the firewall or in a firm’s data center with ease giving the ultimate in access and control. Once installed the system can adopt internal Security and IT best practices.


In your infrastructure managed by your IT

  • leverage the power of your hardware, workflows, best practices and expertise
  • link to your own Active Directory and security
  • ideal for highly secure projects
  • better manage jurisdictional issues


Cloud computing has levelled the playing field between large organizations and small law firms.
It is now possible for a firm of four attorneys to litigate with a multinational corporation represented by a mega-firm with an army of lawyers.

There is no question that there are many advantages to cloud computing eDiscovery applications.

However, there are situations where the data is highly sensitive, either by the nature of the information or security requirements, where an eDiscovery solution is required behind an organization’s firewall. This is when the data requires an eDiscovery Island and not a cloud.


Refers to an ambiguous location of data or documents and the review software that allows access to those documents. Although some cloud providers can apply geographic restrictions to the hosting, backup and access, most cloud providers use a network of computers around the world to optimize and scale. 


Refers to the geographic and infrastructure location of the e-discovery servers that host the data and documents, and the review software used to access those documents. Many firms already have hardware running their accounting, docketing or file management internally within the office or at a leased data center location dedicated to that firm. 



The Value of an eDiscovery Island

Just as top secret documents don’t belong in the basement of a beach house, there are some records too sensitive to be held in a cloud. In these cases, a locally installed solution or island can solve the security needs of highly sensitive data.



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