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iCONECT Recent Developments: A Chris Dale Article

In the News  |  posted on November 7th, 2016  |  read more

Chris Dale recently wrote about the 2016 Vendors Leadership Award presented to iCONECT at the Masters Conference. Some of the reasons why iCONECT won that award are articulated in this article and the interview video of iCONECT President and CEO, Ian Campbell.

Masters Conference Honors Lost Friends: A Monica Bay Article

In the News  |  posted on October 26th, 2016  |  read more

The 10th annual Masters Conference for Legal Professionals, led by founder Robert Childress III, was held last week (Oct. 18 & 19) at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C. The agenda covered a wide range of topics and the dinner brought many people together, but four seats were vacant at the top of the dais.

Discovery of Video and Audio: a Chris Dale Article

In the News  |  posted on August 2nd, 2016  |  read more

Chris Dale gives full marks for the joint video presentation between Bill Hamilton and Ian Campbell, iCONECT CEO, which highlights how iCONECT-XERA’s multimedia features enable people to review documents in ‘the same way as one reviews more traditional documents.’ 

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