Jonathan Younie

Product Manager, Data Governance

As an information systems management professional with over 25 years’ experience, Jonathan oversees the iCONECT Data Governance program. Throughout his career, Jonathan has been responsible for oversight of organizations’ entire data, network, and software engineering landscape with a focus on information security.  In his most recent role as CTO and CISO for Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc. (RQSI), a quantitative investment firm, Jonathan has been responsible for planning and overseeing development of the company’s internal software systems, network infrastructure, disaster recovery, and business continuity, as well as ensuring the safety of the organization’s intellectual property. Jonathan brings an extensive understanding of organizational data needs to the iCONECT team and plays a key role in helping our clients find opportunities to manage and control their data so they can focus on driving productivity and progress. 

Prior to joining RQSI, Jonathan served as Director of Information Technology for Nicolet Capital, an investment firm focused on the development of short-term trading strategies.  He has been in professional computer engineering and information systems management for over 25 years and possesses more than 15 technology certifications in the software, network and security engineering fields, as well as technical training certifications.