Extract meaningful data from forms and documents

Auto-classification of inbound individual streamed or batched forms and documents. Automated extraction of selected metadata performs from structured or unstructured files.

Optimize and streamline the business process for the paper to meta-data capture, structured form templates or conversion to an export stream of your sales orders, intake forms, insurance claims, mortgages, invoices, or any other business-critical form data.*

iCONECT-XTRACT is an intelligent document classification and data capture platform build with the flexibility to extract meaningful data from forms and documents no matter the format or how you receive them. iCONECT-XTRACT technology, architecture, features, and functions are based on award-winning iCONECT technology, used to manage evidence and documents in some of the world’s largest, sensitive, and most complex legal cases.

  • Create customized templates for any form layout
  • Define meta-data types, formats, and structure to minimize eyes-on-documents
  • Improve turnaround time and reduce errors
  • Extracted data then creates customized feedback into applications and line of business processes
  • Identify the information you need without manual data entry
  • Eliminate time-consuming document sorting or scanning separator sheets with barcodes.

iCONECT-XTRACT is a zero-footprint, browser-based application that can run on your servers behind your firewall, or in the cloud as a subscription-based service. In either model, you can be in production in days, rather than the weeks or months of setup required with outmoded or customized systems.

Interaction with third-party systems can also be optimized using iCONECT’s RESTful APIs, which make virtually any ERP, CRM, document management, and other back-office and personal productivity programs document capture enabled.

Auto-classify inbound batches system utilizing advanced logic to fuzzy match the extracted document identifier against the list of pre-created form identification string and determine the best match.  Future enhancements will utilize document and template content to increase classification accuracy without the need to depend on a document identifier in a known location.  Users can verify or edit as required.

If the inbound batch pagination requires adjustment, the system has a thumbnail-view/drag-and-drop capability to re-paginate, merge, split, remove, re-group pages and autosave any pagination adjustment. Once completed, the batch is confirmed as ready for Meta-data/Extraction Validation and the status is updated accordingly.

Batch processing in the background results in the User being presented with an image of the document using a browser-based built-in viewer and auto-extracted meta-data is pre-filled in the required meta-data fields. Users can confirm or edit as required. Once completed, the batch is confirmed as ready for Export and the status is updated accordingly.

All activity and progress are monitored and displayed in the intuitive XTRACT dashboard.

*some additional charges may apply.