Power Reviewer Certification

To become an iCONECT Certified Power Reviewer, students must watch all the videos in the Power Reviewer series. A passing grade on the exam (85%) is required to achieve certification. You will receive the Power Reviewer videos and guide, plus additional training resources, upon registration for this course. This course is online and self-driven. This course gives you the flexibility to achieve your iCONECT goals at a pace that works for you.


Here is what you will learn in the video series:

Video ModuleDescription
1Getting StartedThis module introduces the iCONECT interface, and an overview of views for document review. It highlights key functionality in iCONECT to start your projects.
2Basic and Advanced Searching, Word Marking ListsThis module covers the basics of searching in iCONECT. It also explores advanced searching options using iCONECT’s custom search. You learn how to build complex searches and set up word marking lists to easily identify key terms.
3Panels and FoldersThis module reviews creating, editing, and deleting folders, and adding/removing documents from a folder. You will also learn how to create panels in Table View and share them with team members. This module also covers comparing similar documents.
4CodingThis module teaches you how to effectively and efficiently code documents in a project.
5Annotations & RedactionsThis module discusses the annotation and redaction types, and covers how to add, edit, delete and navigate annotations and redactions in a project.
6CommentsThis module teaches you how to add comments to any type of file, including multimedia files. You will also learn how to link comments to an annotation or redaction and send comments to team members.
7BatchesThis module teaches you how to use batch review.
8The DashboardThis module explores the types of tiles on the Dashboard, and how to add and organize them.
9Field Views and TemplatesThis module explains how to change the field view (layouts) and save them as templates. These templates allow you to focus on the information that matters most.
10iVIEW GraphsThis module covers how to use iVIEW to create beautiful graphs that display information in your project.


The video series is approximately 2.5 hours in length.


Course Completion:
There is no time limit to complete this course.

Practical & Written. Recommended to be completed within 2 weeks of starting.



Show your certification!

You will receive an iCONECT Power Reviewer certificate to print and frame for your office. You will also receive an iCONECT Certified Power Reviewer badge to add to your email signature and to your LinkedIn profile.