Analytics Reviewer Certification

To become an iCONECT Certified Analytics Reviewer, students must watch all the videos in the Analytic video series. This series consists of 6 videos (total viewing time 30 minutes). A passing grade on the exam (85%) is required to achieve certification.


Here is what you will learn in the video series:

Analytics Reviewer Certification

Video ModuleDescription
1Getting StartedThis module introduces participants to iCONECT’s easy-to-use Analytic tools
2iVIEWThis module covers iVIEW and how it can be used to visually display and then drill into data in any field or folder, as well as display a timeline of data with a couple of clicks
3ClusteringThis module discusses how clusters can determine where to start the review. This module also explores how clusters are used with iVIEW, and how clustering groups documents with similar ideas together.
4Email ThreadsThis module covers the Related tab’s Email Threads panel. In this session, we review how to determine which emails contain all content to avoid reviewing document content more than once.
5Near DuplicatesThis module covers the Related tab’s Near Duplicates panel. Learn how to quickly code Near Duplicate documents after reviewing the differences in iCONECT’s Document Compare.
6Similar ConceptsThis module discusses how to use the Similar Concepts panel to find documents with the same ideas and entities as the document you are viewing.


Prerequisites: N/A

Cost: Free

Exam: Practical & Written

What you get: Access to the Analytics videos and guide. You will receive an iCONECT Analytics Reviewer certificate to print and frame for your office. You will also receive an iCONECT Certified Analytics Reviewer badge to add to your email signature and to LinkedIn.