Optimize and streamline your paper-to-metadata capture with XTRACT. Inbound, individual or batched forms and document contents are automatically extracted. XTRACT processes your sales orders, intake forms, insurance claims, and any other business-critical data. Easily review or prepare for an export stream.





Automatically Classify Documents

Fast extraction of key data so you can review or process with ease


Work with any form


  • Create customized templates for any form layout
  • Define metadata types, formats, and structure to minimize eyes-on-documents
  • Improve turnaround time and reduce errors
  • Easily push customized feedback into applications and line-of-business processes
  • Identify the information you need without manual data entry
  • Eliminate time-consuming document sorting or scanning separator sheets with barcodes.

iCONECT-XTRACT is a zero-footprint, browser-based application that can run on your servers behind your firewall, or in the cloud as a subscription-based service. In either model, you can be in production in days, rather than the weeks or months of setup required with outmoded or customized systems.

– Optimize your interactions with third-party systems using iCONECT’s RESTful APIs: capture documents from virtually any ERP, CRM, document management, or back office and personal productivity programs.


Inbound files or batches are automatically classified using advanced logic that matches a document identifier to pre-set and identified forms.



Easy and intuitive access to adjust, merge or split pages or forms, which prepares files for accurate data extraction. Thumbnails and drag & drop make this task a breeze for reviewers.



3. DATA EXTRACTION Reviewers can quickly validate, confirm, or edit form or document data in pre-filled fields – directly in the browser – easily prepping it for export or the next stage in the document life cycle.



All activity and progress are monitored and displayed in the intuitive XTRACT dashboard.


XTRACT: Processing Structured and Unstructured Files

XTRACT handles structured files – such as forms – and unstructured files – such as emails, statements, receipts – with ease. In each instance, extracted data becomes metadata that can be searched, reviewed, categorized ,validated, and sent to an export stream if needed.