Environmental, Social,
& Corporate Governance

At iCONECT, company culture and values have been an important part of our organization as we believe they form the building blocks of our success. These values also lay a foundation for our environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach, creating a structure for the way in which we manage iCONECT and work alongside not only our offices but our customer and partners as well. As a technology service provider, we consider it our responsibility to follow a broad and clear set of policy commitments relating to ESG factors. This ensures that we align with the important objectives of our society, both from a company and customer perspective.


The iCONECT platform deals with digital documents (as opposed to paper) and provides many features to search, tag, download and share documents in a digital format. This has resulted in over 70.4 billion pages that have never been printed or the saving of over 7 million trees.

From a corporate perspective, iCONECT’s head office is a renovated 1890s bus warehouse which was chosen versus a new-build option. All aspects of lighting, glazed glass windows, heat and air conditioning are built and controlled with eco-friendly settings.


We all know that success and change come from within ourselves, that is why we believe in a strong collaborative environment at the heart of our company. We created and are continuing to build a strong and diverse team of people. For our company, it is natural that we are an equal opportunities employer and provide flexibility and support for all of our employees.

We believe diversity is invaluable in problem solving and innovation and support ideas from every level. We do not tolerate discriminatory, illegal, or immoral work practices within our team or in the relationship with our customers. We also believe it is our customer’s responsibility to show respectful business conduct while working with our team. We encourage and support open communication allowing us to ensure a safe working environment for all.



Corporate governance is the practice of ensuring a corporation conducts itself accountably, fairly and openly in all its dealings. We believe this starts from the top, where it is the responsibility of a company’s board of directors and management to withhold. We view governance as an opportunity to set up transparent, data proven procedures and controls in a trustworthy manner for our customers

We foster a transparent organization, driven by leadership through support and lead by example. We create equal opportunities for all our team members. We have many female leaders in our organization, and support a network of organizations supporting such causes. Our ESG model was designed to protect personal data and safeguard against acts of corruption, internal or market misconduct, and security.