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Q: Who can use iCONECT Data Mining? 
A: Ideal for situations that require secure web-based multi-party access to analyze documents and data involved in a data incident, iCONECT Data Mining can be used for analysis, identification, prioritization, review and reporting on potentially impacted data for law firms, corporations, insurance companies, breach consultants and government clients. The system can also be put in place by vendors who service those sectors. This all-in-one system is designed for easy onboarding into a secure and feature-rich responsible data intelligence platform. 

Q: What makes iCONECT’s Data Mining cyber breach response solution unique?  
A: This is the only solution on the market that has been developed by experts in the cyber data mining space.  Using expertise from thousands of data mining matters, iCONECT built this data mining tool to serve the end-user, making your work more streamlined, accurate, and easy to manage.  We have focused on three primary differentiators to bolster our time-tested AI-powered PII identification abilities: (1) clear and easy action density reporting up front; (2) ease of extraction to help automate your workflow, built from a user’s point of view; and (3) powerful entity resolution to help create clean and usable notification lists the first time.  

Q: Does iCONECT use artificial intelligence technology? 
A: Yes, several components within the solution use AI, incorporating hundreds of machine learning algorithms to optimize the identification, extraction, and normalization of data. 

Q: Are charts and graphing available?
 A: Yes, our system has leveraged iCONECT’s years of experience in data management in order to provide our users with charts and graphs of any document metadata needed. We have also built specific charts to enable quick peeks into extracted data elements, helping users efficiently plan next steps for notification. 

Q: Where are the document analyzed? 
A: Microsoft Azure infrastructure, located in the USA. Other geographic regions and on-premises analysis may be available upon request and for an additional cost. 

Q: Is the data secure? 
A: Yes. Post-import, all data is protected by iCONECT’s 11 layers of security. Beyond Microsoft Azure data protections, our SaaS environment is protected by using Cisco Duo.  Duo MFA is enabled for ALL users that log into the system through a self-enrollment process. 

Q: What types of data can be analyzed? 
A: Our system has the ability to extract full text and analyze metadata from over 820 file types including PDF, Excel, Office and Outlook, giving you the confidence and flexibility to ensure that all data has been covered. Further, file types that could not be extracted, such as files from a legacy or proprietary system, will be identified and added to an exclusion list for manual review. This may require additional resources/cost. 

Q: Can I have subject matter experts or reviewers actually see the documents? 
A: Yes, since the system is built on top of the iCONECT document review platform with its built-in ‘document viewer’. This allows multi-party web-based access to search, sort, organize and report against documents using nothing more than a web browser. A security layer will enable you to control who gets access to what. 

Q: What if my data contains documents in a foreign language? 
A: No problem. The system can recognize artifacts from any country and in any language, including multi-language characters such as those in Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), and more. It also identifies PII from 51 countries, including the USA, Canada, and the UK. 

Q: How does it recognize that multiple email addresses or phone numbers belong to the same person?
A: This is typically called entity resolution. Using our unique patented technology, the system will merge multiple persona identifiers into a single persona using primary, secondary, and tertiary linking methods. This allows for a single notification.  

Q: What types of private information can be identified? 
A: Using AI technology, the system will identify types of ‘personally identifiable information’ (PII), including individual, phone, address, passport, driver’s license, and Commercial data such as Bank transactions or insurance information. Data containing a unique syntax can also be searched. Further, data will be deduplicated and normalized before the notification export file is generated. 

Q: Will notification reports be generated? 
A: Yes, as part of the workflow. A .CSV (or other delimited export format) can be generated and imported into a mailing template for individual notification. 

Q: How much does this cost? 
A: Projects are priced based on document volume affected by the incident. 

Q: How long does it take to stand up the system?
A: Using our Microsoft Azure-based SaaS environment, data processing can begin once a copy of the breached data is received. For sensitive matters, on-premises deployment is also an option. This can be discussed with a software engineer. 

Q: Is training available? 
A: Yes. End-user videos, Project Management training, and Client Administrator training is included and available through iCONECT’s Continuous Online iCONECT Learning  (COIL) system. All training is self-paced. 

Q: How can I schedule a demo or get support for iCONECT Data Mining? 
A: You can schedule a product demo, access training webinars, or contact support through phone, email, or online channels provided by iCONECT.