Management Team

Take a moment to get to know the industry thought-leaders, innovators, and seasoned professionals who inspire our employees, customers, partners, and peers to succeed. For additional information, or to reach any of the people below, please visit the contact us page.

Cathy Monaghan

President/Chief Operating Officer  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

Cathy MonaghanCathy Monaghan, President/Chief Operating Officer joined iCONECT in 2006. In her role, she oversees all aspects of the company’s financial, administrative, human resources, technical services and development teams. In addition, she works closely with the senior management team to ensure all resources are deployed in support of the iCONECT mission by establishing, implementing and evaluating policies and procedures and serving as the key contact for all policy, technical and management issues.

Ian Campbell

Founder/Chief Marketing Officer  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell is Founder/Chief Marketing Officer of iCONECT Development LLC, a global market leader in producing cutting-edge, innovative eDiscovery software products and services for the legal industry. He is responsible for sales operations and business development, product lifecycle development, legal service provider (LSP) and partner relations. A key priority is cross-marketing the company’s products and services to the legal, medical, government, corporate, and insurance industries.

Eric Dirks

Chief Revenue Officer  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

The power of leadership is undeniable in the world of technology and software, and it’s not often that you come across someone with a thirty-year track record of successful sales and operations management. Eric Dirks is that rare gem, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role as the Chief Revenue Officer at iCONECT. 

Ayad AlKaabi

Chief Technology Officer  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

Ayad joined iCONECT in 2005 to lead the eDiscovery software development team. With over 15 years of software development experience, Ayad manages the day-to-day research and development activities for the company’s products. His team’s responsibilities include requirements gathering, software architecture, design, implementation, integration, testing and more.

Olivia Cain

Director, Technical & Training Services  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

Olivia directs all technical support and training at iCONECT. Olivia’s strong leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills have allowed her to build a customer support team that regularly receives accolades from users. “I will say that the iCONECT team has been amazing. As a (recent) long-time customer of one of your competitors, this was refreshing, and reminded me of the excellent support we had when we used to run iCONECT nXT.” (Managing Partner of an eDiscovery Services Company).

Shanda Combs

National Director of Business Solutions  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

As National Director of Business Solutions, Shanda directs business development and partner relations for iCONECT.  With 15+ years’ technology experience in various leadership roles in B2B sales, sales management and account management, Shanda brings a wealth of industry knowledge, acumen and savvy to iCONECT and our strategic partners. Shanda plays an integral hands-on role in identifying, qualifying, developing and managing client opportunities across both our LSP and law firm markets.

Emily Johnston

Product Manager, Incident Response Data Mining  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

Emily Johnston oversees the iCONECT Incident Response Data Mining program and has an extensive array of professional experience in all aspects of litigation, privacy, and discovery. She has more than 18 years’ experience as an attorney, including as a litigator specializing in eDiscovery, global privacy issues, and the oversight of document review. Most recently, Emily served as the head of the Global Cyber and Incident Response review and notification offering at Epiq Global. There, she worked to develop an end-to-end cyber review process from the ground up and personally oversaw management of hundreds of incident response cyber reviews. She was instrumental in developing the cyber offering for Epiq, leading both the review and notification processes in the US, India, EMEA, and Australia.


Jonathan Younie

Product Manager, Data Governance  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

As an information systems management professional with over 25 years’ experience, Jonathan oversees the iCONECT Data Governance program. Throughout his career, Jonathan has been responsible for oversight of organizations’ entire data, network, and software engineering landscape with a focus on information security.  In his most recent role as CTO and CISO for Ramsey Quantitative Systems, Inc. (RQSI), a quantitative investment firm, Jonathan has been responsible for planning and overseeing development of the company’s internal software systems, network infrastructure, disaster recovery, and business continuity, as well as ensuring the safety of the organization’s intellectual property. Jonathan brings an extensive understanding of organizational data needs to the iCONECT team and plays a key role in helping our clients find opportunities to manage and control their data so they can focus on driving productivity and progress.

Dani Vallis

Digital Design and Marketing Coordinator  |  icon_linkedinLinkedIn Profile  |  read full bio  |  contact

With over 11 years of experience in various marketing roles, Dani Vallis brings a diverse approach to the marketing role and serves as the Digital Design and Marketing Coordinator role for iCONECT.