iCONECT Branding

If you need branding guidelines, logos or other assets for iCONECT, you’re in the right place. Our logo is very important to us and must not be altered in any way without written consent. Review the guidelines below and learn how we like our assets used before you proceed.

iCONECT software has been selected for use in some of the world’s largest high-profile projects such as the ENRON investigation, BP-Oilspill, NASA-Columbia Return to Flight, FDIC-900+ Banking Investigations and most recently the creation of a public access archive for the 30,000 JFK document and audio files released by the CIA. iCONECT was recently named one of the ‘30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2019’ by Silicon Review.


To make it easy for you, we’ve provided color, reverse, and black and white versions (where applicable) of the iCONECT family logos. To ensure each logo always has the greatest impact, it is important to provide an area of clear space of .25” all around.

iconectlogo_600x148         iconectlogo_web_BW_437x108

iCONECT Color Logo

Download a zipped file that contains the color and reverse (white) logos: 
.eps format
.png format


iCONECT Logo – Monochrome

Download a zipped file that contains the black and white logo: 
.eps format
.png format

iCONECT V10 Color Logo

Download a zipped file that contains the color and reverse (white) logos: 
.png & .eps format



Branding Colors 

PrimaryPurple          Green     Grey

Primary Purple

CMYK: 75, 83, 42, 36
PMS: 669C
Hex Value: #453250
69, 50, 80



Bright Purple

CMYK: 84, 100, 11, 6
Hex Value: #501083
80, 16, 131 





CMYK: 50, 0, 100, 0
PMS: 375C
Hex Value: #8DC63F
141, 198, 63


Gray 80%

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 80
PMS: 179-12C
Hex Value: #333333
51, 51, 51

For more information about iCONECT branding, please contact us at marketing@iconect.com