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ILS About ILS ILS is the premiere plaintiff electronic discovery firm in the United States. We provide expert eDiscovery services using cutting edge technology for automated issue coding, foreign document translation, eConsulting and strategy planning, document review and more for class action and MDL plaintiffs. Primary Services Strategic Consulting, Data Analytics, Document Hosting, Foreign Language,   …Continue Reading


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E-Hounds About E-Hounds E-Hounds services were a logical evolution. E-Hounds has been featured in a number of high-profile cases over the past several years. They are in constant communication with other Computer Forensic Professionals and Law Enforcement throughout the United States. In addition to constant professional development, continuing education and other resources allows E-Hounds to   …Continue Reading

HLP Integration

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HLP Integration About HLP Integration As an industry leader with a focus on information management, HLP Integration stands by its goal of providing the best solutions for our clients. HLP combines innovative, industry-leading technologies with a wide range of resources, both on and off-shore, to form our offerings to suit our clients’ needs.  In doing   …Continue Reading

E-Discovered Consulting

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E-Discovered Consulting About E-Discovered Consulting E-Discovered Consulting was founded by Mike Fischer in 2017 to provide strategic E-Discovery consultation to receiving party ESI teams and help small firms and projects level the playing field by deploying the best software options and practices available. Primary Services E-Discovered Consulting Contact Info Mike Fischer 636-395-0699 Office   …Continue Reading

Data Narro

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Data Narro About Data Narro Data Narro is a Milwaukee-based digital forensics and e-discovery consulting firm with clients throughout the Midwest. Data Narro specializes in helping law firms, businesses, and government agencies preserve, recover, and search electronically stored data for the purposes of investigation and litigation. Data Narro has the technology and expertise to perform   …Continue Reading

Cyber Centaurs

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Cyber Centaurs About Cyber Centaurs Cyber Centaurs is a professional service firm that provides cyber security, digital forensic and electronic discovery services to law firms, corporations, educational institutions, and government entities. Our clients rely on us for cost efficient yet effective data collections, culling, and hosting services to meet their project needs and case matters.   …Continue Reading


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Cornerstone  About Cornerstone Cornerstone is a privately held Texas LLC. Since its inception, Cornerstone has grown into a provider of litigation support services with offices in Houston and affiliates across the country. Cornerstone strives to offer a flexible electronic discovery solution by utilizing unparalleled industry knowledge, technical expertise and ground-breaking software innovation. Cornerstone offers electronic   …Continue Reading