Where’s Your Flair

Office Space is a funny movie, so if you have a spare 2 hours and need a laugh, it is worth the watch! I think there is a character or two that we can all relate to, and if not, we likely can see some similarities to individuals we have encountered in our professional careers. For me, this character is Joanna.

When I worked in a retail environment, I had that boss who wanted us to overdo it, and I worked with several individuals who were willing, too. Neither recognized that their need to please the boss often was in contradiction to what the customer needed. The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle seemed to be lost on these individuals.

With that in mind, I thought I would touch on the iCONECT KISS approach to templates. Templates make our lives easier; they give a solid starting point for any project. When you start your first iCONECT project, our veteran team helps you set up your project template. We walk you through the project, field, folder and tag structure, add rules and requirements, and help you build indexes to maximize workflow for users. With a couple of clicks, the basics of your project are created, including:

  • Fields, and Field Templates
  • Panels, Folders, Tags, Coding Rules and Requirements
  • Production Templates
  • Document Groups, Custom Views
  • Indexes
    Note that some objects might need to be rebuilt after data is loaded.

The simple way to get another project up and running is to use that template. After a couple of clicks that set up the basics, you can add the extras or “flair” that are required for that project’s workflow. You can delete objects that are not needed (which is easy and fast) and add objects that are required, customizing the project for the specific customer, rather than adding everything and hoping you meet their needs without overdoing it. A project may not need 37 pieces of flair like Brian, but it will likely need more than Joanna’s 15.

If you are not using templates for project creation, or need some help adding some flair to yours, reach out to our Support team for assistance.