Where did 2020 go?

Next week is November! Where did 2020 go?

Aside from work – mine went to Netflix and Zoom with Cookie Dough ice cream and Salt & Vinegar chips along for the ride.

iCONECT introduced a new recertification program this year called COiL which stands for Continuous Online iCONECT learning. Every iCONECT-certified Administrator needed to earn 30 credits to stay certified and continue to access our wonderful Support team.

So, I thought I would give you some details on how we all did. So far, we have offered 76 credits! By the end of the year this will be 100! These credits were made up of classes taught by our Training and Support teams on a variety of topics, ranging from how to secure your system, creating PowerShell scripts, and using our new Redaction tool, COVER.

Group of students watching online webinar Free Vector

We also introduced two 10-point programs that cover key areas of iCONECT: Productions and Advanced Analytics. These two classes alone could get an administrator 2/3 of the way to certification for 2021.

All courses from the last six months are still open, which means there are 44 credits open and available right now!

So how is everyone doing? As of now over 30% of our administrators are already certified for 2021 and 45% are more than halfway there. Those who don’t have 30 credits have two more months to reach that goal.

We believe the COiL program has been a great success, and we want to know what you think! Leave a comment or send an email to training@iconnect.com.

I have watched some great shows over the last year on Netflix and played trivia on Zoom with my family and friends – all while eating way too much chocolate chip Cookie Dough ice cream. I’m looking forward to a more active 2021 – and a whole new lineup of great COiL content. 

Take care of yourself and stay safe.