Unlock the new iCONECT Data Solutions Matrix! – EDRM WEBINAR

Join us for a webinar with EDRM as we unveil iCONECT’s groundbreaking solutions for Data Governance, Cyber Incident Response and Data Review, all built on the trusted and proven iCONECT technology platform. Built for efficiency and speed, these products are focused on the simplification of data and are ideal for both SaaS-based and in-house commercial and government workflows.

Key Highlights:

  • Revolutionary Speed: Discover how iCONECT’s cutting-edge technology accelerates every aspect of the document management process across all three products, from data analysis to document review and coding.
  • Incident Response: See how iCONECT for Cyber Incident Response provides quick and accurate risk, privacy, and affected party analysis.
  • Seamless Interaction: Learn how these new releases enhance user interaction with data, providing an unparalleled level of speed and agility with a simple self-serve-based user experience.
  • Unprecedented Efficiency: Dive into the details of how iCONECT’s latest update streamlines your workflow, ensuring that your data management tasks are performed with unmatched efficiency.
  • What’s Next?: Get an exclusive sneak peek into soon-to-be-released products for Data Minimization and Cyber Incident Response.
  • Don’t miss out. Join us for an insightful webinar and be among the first to experience the power of iCONECT’s Faster and Better Than Ever multiple product releases!