Throwback Thursday: Document Compare

This blog post is a throwback.  Isn’t it funny that it is being posted on Thursday!

Let me start this post by saying that last week’s picnic got “rained out” and the comment picnic bites were not available. BUT they are now, so use this link to see what you missed!

This week, there are 3 new picnics on one of my favorite features – Document Compare. Document Compare is a tool that shows differences between two documents for both the document body and metadata. This allows someone to quickly look at all near duplicate documents (if they have XERA’s Advanced Analytics) or all documents with the same file name if they are using a Custom Related panel. The differences are highlighted, and you can sort the differences by size.

Internally, we use Document Compare with our Self-Serve tile to quickly compare agreements and contracts – the documents are side by side, differences are highlighted and can be navigated – what more can you ask!

Check out how to use Document Compare with these PICNICs.

P.S.  I know I wrote the differences are highlighted twice. That’s because I love how easy it is to compare highlights, rather than use a tool that “red lines”.