The idea of school is changing

Many of you may know that I am a foster parent. I love kids and can’t have any of my own, so this was a great option for me. I love having kids in my home. They are fun, full of life and have imaginations that help me keep my “wonder”.

Over the last few months, I have not had any children in my home. So, I didn’t have to make the hard decision about schooling a few weeks ago. I am thankful I didn’t need to make it and empathize with those of you who did.

Going to school means all kinds of different things now, and online learning is becoming more common. I thought I would use this post to reintroduce you to COiL – Continuous Online iCONECT Learning.

COiL is a web-based platform that gives iCONECT Certified administrators access to all our online classes. We typically offer 2 to 3 live classes a month. We record these classes, and then add the video and a quick quiz into COiL so administrators can attend the class when it works for them. We have our classes open for 6 months because we know that our administrators are busy people!

COiL uses a LMS (Learning Management System) that helps us keep track of the classes administrators attended and the number of credits they have obtained. (30 credits are needed in 2020 to remain certified – which means access to our wonderful Technical Support team.)

If you are not a certified administrator, we have something for you too! We have our Certified Power Reviewer course which is free for everyone. Once you have that certification, you can take our Certified Analytics Reviewer course and our Certified Production Basics course (coming soon). For more information, check out this link.

The idea of school is changing and making easy access to learning is key right now. We get it!