Nurturing a Culture of Excellence and Growth in Legal Technology Support at iCONECT

I am starting year 18 at iCONECT. If you work in Legal Technology, that is almost unheard of, but I’ve got more to tell you. I also realized that most of my department has also been at iCONECT for a significant part of their careers as well – and I want to highlight their work ethos and growth mindset.

We have a group of Technical Support Representatives that are exceptional: they haven’t had a service complaint in well over a decade, and they consistently meet the expectations of their internal and external clients. We are expanding our product verticals into Data Governance and Cyber Data Mining in 2024, and the whole team has taken on these new initiatives with a “CAN DO” spirit that, while not surprising to me, may be surprising to you since the average tenure of our department is 14 years.

Our philosophy as a group has always been honesty, own what you don’t know, and take feedback as a growth opportunity. We pride ourselves on giving clients the right information, even if that means we need to take our time and figure it out. We have never concentrated on the typical “call center” statistics and it has paid off – both for our clients and our team.

As we continue to move into an AI world with more product verticals to support, we will need to expand our team with individuals who understand that helping the client use our tool to solve their most complex data problems is the most important part of the job. We will continue to focus on what is important: being there for our clients, making sure we understand their problems, and providing them with the right answer every time.

Things are always going to change. What will not change is our commitment to our clients, providing them with world-class support.

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Olivia Cain

Olivia oversees iCONECT’s technical support and training teams and works closely with the Product Managers to bring client feedback to the development team. Olivia’s strong leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills have allowed her to build a technical support and training team that regularly receives accolades from iCONECT’s network of certified administrators and end users: “iCONECT deserves the highest rating for technical support along with quick and efficient response time!” (Certified Administrator of an eDiscovery Services Company).