Starting any new job is not easy.

I remember my first real job – where I got a real paycheck. It was at a very upscale golf and country club. I worked weekends selling drinks, snacks, and sandwiches to members on the course. My first day was rough: one member didn’t get a ham and cheese sandwich because I was out of them by the time he hit the 14th hole. It was not a pleasant scene, a 65+year old man losing it on a 15-year-old over a ham and cheese sandwich. The next week was better: I took an extra ham and cheese sandwich and tucked it under the drinks in the cooler so it would be available for him. He bought me a Snickers and apologized for his behavior the previous week. That didn’t make up for how he treated me, but it made me realize that starting any new job is not easy, even if it was just selling snacks from a cooler on club chits.

Luckily for our new Technical Support people here at iCONECT, there are seasoned peers who are happy to help. We have a good training program and lots of resources at their disposal. Since we are expanding our team to meet your growing e-Discovery needs, I would like to introduce to you our newest Technical Support team members: Raj Biswas and Luke Bergman.

About Raj Biswas

Raj BRaj is passionate about IT and loves being challenged.  Having lived and worked in different parts of the world has provided him with the ability to quickly build rapport with clients and provide support in solving problems quickly and efficiently. 

He is excited to have joined the iCONECT Technical Support Team and believes that his international experiences and previous work experience in a variety of industries will assist iCONECT to continue delivering world-class support, and remain the leader in providing the technical customized solutions to meet customer needs. 

 When not in front of the screen, you will find Raj trying new recipes, and checking out the newest restaurants, always seeking culinary adventures.


About Luke Bergman

Luke BLuke has a networking and design background, working with a vast array of clients from Telecom troubleshooting to marketing and advertising, allowing him to easily relate to all types of users and their varied skill sets. Luke has worked to get big corporations functioning optimally on the internet and has worked with designers of websites and ad campaigns.

Luke is happy to be a member of the iCONECT Technical Support team and has benefited from their knowledge and assistance as he learns more about e-Discovery and iCONECT.

When Luke is out of the office, he is an avid golfer and loves the outdoors, spending his time camping and kayaking in the great wilderness of Canada.

We are here to support your growing needs. And while there is a learning curve to becoming a new iCONECT Technical Support Representative, our newest Support members are well on their way. Join us in welcoming both Raj and Luke to the iCONECT Technical Support team. Be sure to introduce yourself and give them some background about you and your organization. Maybe even let them know if a ham and cheese sandwich is your favorite too!