The weather is a bit more predictable, my winter tires are coming off, and the NHL playoffs have started so I know what time of year it is: it’s SPRING.

For me, spring has always meant a new beginning, whether it was my parents opening our backyard swimming pool when I was a kid, my yard work (actually putting some effort into getting rid of the weeds in my lawn), or giving a room in my house a new look with a fresh paint color ‘cause I can keep the windows open to air it out.
With that said, I have to say this spring, iCONECT will be releasing our new version, and it is full of new functionality to make searching and document review as easy as can be. One of the key features in searching is automatic entity extraction and new faceting, which is simply amazing. This feature takes entities, like organizations, credit cards, or phone numbers, found in the text of a document and turns them into facets.

For those of you not familiar with iCONECT’s faceted search, this feature takes any metadata fields and displays them using a method similar to the online shopping online experience – you can quickly check the items you’re looking for, and common categories make it easy to find those items. Having key information from the body of a document immediately available in a super-simple search method is just one way iCONECT continues to make our platform more and more user friendly.

In the coming weeks, our Training team will be sharing these and other changes with our partners, and we are very excited to show you and get your feedback.

As spring fades into summer, and the Stanley Cup is awarded and the blue robin eggs in the tree outside my front door become the cutest baby birds, iCONECT’s new version will be making our users‘ work easier and more efficient.