Soaking Up Success: iCONECT’s Training Journey

Soaking Up Success: iCONECT’s Training Journey

I think when it comes to training there are generally 2 basic types of students: those who want to soak up all the information and those who wish they were not a student. Over the years at iCONECT, we have had both student types and several others. I can fall into either basic type depending on training content. I have realized that since technology changes so fast, I really need to be the type who soaks it all up.

Over my 17-year tenure, the iCONECT training program has had a few iterations. We now have a great training program and a fantastic leader, Briana Morris. Briana works with the Support and Product teams to deliver current and purposeful content bi-monthly. She is always available to support students who are new to iCONECT training and those of us who need help with parts of the application (for me, that is always Groups and Roles).

Our certification programs are on-demand and self-paced, with knowledge checks and hands-on activities. This makes obtaining certifications easy and meaningful. With certification, a project manager or administrator has access to our amazing Support team. Once an individual is certified, they are added to our COiL (Continuous Online iCONECT Learning) program where they can earn credits annually to stay certified.

Our COiL content, which is always available, makes it easy for Project Manager and Administrators to earn their credits at their own pace. The COiL content is current and driven by client feedback, and we work with our clients to identify areas of interest for our courses. Our clients have requested to learn more about our AI tools, which makes sense considering the prominence of AI in our industries recently. In response to that, we have developed a new 3-part series called Predictive Review & Oversight Series which takes a deep dive into one of iCONECT’s AI tools.

Lifelong learning is something anyone in technology needs to embrace, as things are changing so fast that keeping up can sometimes be overwhelming. We at iCONECT understand this feeling and work daily to keep our learning program relevant, fun, and easy. If you are interested in becoming certified or have a course you would like to see us create, feel free to reach out to for more information.

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Olivia Cain

Olivia oversees iCONECT’s technical support and training teams and works closely with the Product Managers to bring client feedback to the development team. Olivia’s strong leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills have allowed her to build a technical support and training team that regularly receives accolades from iCONECT’s network of certified administrators and end users: “iCONECT deserves the highest rating for technical support along with quick and efficient response time!” (Certified Administrator of an eDiscovery Services Company).