Search Term Report

I am not going to lie to you, our search term (formerly keyword) report has gone through a few evolutions and has slowly gotten better, but it is an area of the product that needs constant refinement to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

With the release of 9.10 in November, we updated the report, which improved the report by:

  • Supporting XERA’s full search syntax in the report
  • Giving the option to show search results by a field, such as Custodian
  • Providing more detailed information about the hits found, including unique document hit count.

This version was an improvement over the previous report, but there were still more changes that our clients needed.

Our current release addresses one of those issues, which is foldering the searches in the report. For those of you who use the Batch Search to Folder iLET, this is the same functionality, and it is now available in the Report Manager

In this new version of the report, you can upload a .txt file (or enter the text into Report Manager) that contains a panel and folder name, followed by a comma, and then the search term. The report will add the documents returned from the search into the specified folder.


Each report can contain 1000 searches, but you can run as many reports as you need against an individual database.

This doesn’t make the report fully actionable, but we will continue to listen to you, our clients, to add features that will make your work easier. We hope that you update to this version and let us know if these changes have helped with your workflow.