Privacy Matters – A Conversation with ACEDS & Kenya Dixon

ACEDS Webinar: Privacy Matters

Learn how to overcome the challenges of FOIA.

Join us for a conversation with Kenya Dixon, General Counsel and Operating Officer at the Empire Technologies Risk Management Group and former Director of Information Governance at the White House about how PII Identification and auto redaction can help with responses to FOIA request and as a component of your ongoing information governance strategy.

Learn how iCONECT’s latest feature COVER is a new cost-effective, simple and powerful way to identify PII, PHI and keywords in any document and in any language. Learn how to create black bar redactions on your selected production format, including EXCEL that you can download in minutes.

Moderators include Ian Campbell, CEO of iCONECT and Mike Fedorowski, Senior Manager of Business Development for iCONECT.

Learn more about FOIA with iCONECT’s COVER technology.

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