One thing is for certain, right now online is everything.

These are uncertain times for sure. But one thing is for certain, right now online is everything! As someone who only has LinkedIn, I am wishing that I had more social media accounts, since all interaction now seems to be through social media.

That said, there are other ways to connect. For example, the local university in my town is offering free classes online, Matthew McConaughey is leading Bingo for seniors with living with cancer in Austin, and I started Tuesday Trivia via Zoom for those near and dear to me, so we can see each other’s faces, enjoy a drink together, a laugh and maybe learn something.

We at iCONECT get that things are changing daily, and there is growing anxiety everywhere. We would like to help:

Our Training team is offering free training classes for Version 10 again, so now could be the perfect time to become a certified iCONECT Administrator! This month we are offering our Project Management training starting on April 21, and our System Administration training starting on April 28. These classes are free, and on a first come, first serve basis. Once the exams are passed, you will be a certified iCONECT Administrator! If this is something you are interested in, feel free to apply online (of course) here.

Also, don’t forget that our fantastic Support team is here for you –  to chat about an iCONECT issue or anything else.

We hope you are safe and healthy. We know that together we can get through this.

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Final Question for this week’s Tuesday Trivia:

What did Queen Elizabeth II attend in Canada in 1951 for the first time, and then attend again in Canada, on October 6, 2002?