Not Just a Fresh Coat of Paint

Faster UX LI-2


I just moved into a new house, and honestly every room in my house is some shade of Crayola basic brown, so a fresh coat of paint is in order. In iCONECT Version 10 we have definitely given the whole interface a fresh coat of paint, but we have added some pretty cool stuff as well.

The history tab ROCKS! It can be made available to any user through the Features tile, and shows everything on the document, even color coded tags.  Take a look:


After logging in, the first page a user sees is the Projects page, they still can access the Dashboard if they need to with one click, but they can click on a Project name and be into Table View super quick.

And last, but certainly not least, we have (drum roll please): Hide Empty Columns in Table View! Now, users can toggle between empty columns in Table View. When they move to the next set of records, and a field is populated, it is automatically added back into the view.

The whole interface is brighter with bigger buttons, but we kept features in the same place, so the transition is easy for users. We added some great new features along with the fresh coat of paint!

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