NetworX: Join Our Team

Are you headed to ILTA? Want to become part of our team?NTWX-LG-001_286x283

One of the most common questions our clients ask me is: “Do you know anyone who is looking for a job?” Well, let me tell you about our NetworX program! This program is meant to help out our clients who are looking for employees, but it is also an alternative to those looking for consulting, part-time, or occasional work.

NetworX gives you free training, allowing you to take advantage of iCONECT training and consulting opportunities. With NetworX, you are an XERA-trained consultant and trainer, sharing your eDiscovery and XERA skills for Project Management work.

Upon completion of NetworX training you will be added to the list of NetworX training partners. Additionally, you will have access to training materials to teach XERA to end users confidently, and all the skills you need to help manage even the most complicated projects.

Find out more by visiting our site or downloading the FAQ. If you are going to ILTA, send us an email so we can set up a time to discuss this opportunity in person!