Making Video Calls Fun!

Take your meetings to the next level and let your background reflect your mood!

As we continue to practice social & physical distancing here at iCONECT, video conference calls are becoming an increasingly important way to stay in touch with clients, coworkers family and friends. That’s why we created some fun custom Zoom backgrounds for you to download and use. We hope these bring some joy and laughter into your work day while we all do our part to ‘flatten the curve’.

Is your ‘innovative #WFH workshop’ an actual workshop? Why not switch it up with a stunning sunset overlooking the city?





How to give your Zoom background a new look:

  1. Download your favorite photos to your computer from this folder: Zoom Backgrounds
    or right click an image below and select “Save As…”
  2. Download the Zoom Mac or Windows app
  3. Open Zoom, sign in, click your profile picture, and then click Settings in the drop-down menu
  4. Find the Virtual Background tab under Settings (if you can’t find this tab, log in on the Zoom website, navigate to Meet Settings, and make sure the Virtual Background button is turned on under the Meeting tab)
  5. In the Virtual Background tab, make sure the ‘I have a green screen’ and ‘mirror my video’ boxes are unchecked
  6. Then, press the plus box to add the backgrounds from your computer to Zoom
  7. Upload your new background and enjoy!

Office Space











Purple Livingroom



Court Background

Office Space 2

Purple Black Geometric



White Geometric Background

Oval Office

Whitehouse Image