iCONECT’s Versatile Data Handling Capabilities: Any Data Type, Any Country, Any Language

In the world of data review, flexibility and adaptability are key to handling a vast array of data types, from different countries, and in various languages. iCONECT rises to the challenge with its advanced capabilities, allowing you to work with any data type, from any country, and in any language. Let’s delve into the features that make iCONECT a versatile and indispensable tool for data review and privacy professionals.

1. Multiple PII Types
iCONECT enables you to search, report, and redact a wide range of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) types. This includes standard PII such as names, addresses, phone numbers, cities, and credit card numbers. What sets iCONECT apart is its ability to handle jurisdictional-specific PII, like passport numbers, USA Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), or Italian driver’s licenses. No matter the type of PII involved in your case, iCONECT has you covered.

2. Multi-Country Identification
In situations where data review involves data from various countries, iCONECT streamlines the process by detecting PII from 51 countries, including major ones like the USA, Canada, and the UK. This international awareness ensures that you can handle cases with diverse data sets effectively and in compliance with each country’s regulations.

3. Multi-Language Characters
The global nature of data review sometimes means working with documents in multiple languages. iCONECT’s system recognizes a full Unicode character set, allowing it to identify and redact artifacts from a wide range of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more (often referred to as CJK languages). This level of linguistic diversity support ensures that nothing gets lost in translation during the document or data review process.

As a further enhancement, iCONECT provides the ability for users to view the user interface (UI) to their language of choice: English, French, German, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese or Spanish. This language enhancement does not translate documents, the UI text is simply displayed in the preferred language. This unique feature to iCONECT is another reason that the platform is used worldwide for some of the most complex multi-jurisdiction projects.

In summary, iCONECT’s versatility in handling data types, regardless of their origin or language, sets it apart as a valuable asset for data management and review professionals. The ability to identify and redact diverse PII types and custom text, coupled with its support for a wide range of file types, makes iCONECT a robust and indispensable tool in the complex world of data review, investigations or privacy workflows. With iCONECT, you can be confident that your data review processes are thorough, accurate, and in compliance with international regulations.

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