iCONECT 2020 Feature of the Year Award

Day 2: iCONECT 2020 Feature of the Year Award – 3 Nominees

My award show continues today with the next 3 nominees. Remember that the first 3 features nominated were:

feature numbers-01

CAL – Oversight and Predict

feature numbers-03

Easy Imports

feature numbers-02

NOT Folder Search Shortcut 


Without further ado, here is the second set of Nominees for the iCONECT Feature of the Year:

feature award numbers_4COVER: Mass Action Redaction – Introduced in 10.0, COVER is a Mass Action that allows you to bulk redact any searchable content. This Mass Action also allows you to cut, copy and delete redactions in bulk as well.


feature award numbers_5PII Searching – Together with COVER, PII searching allows you to detect and redact (cover) redact Personally Identifiable Information. You can also use our Search Term Report to identify the amount and types of PII in a data set.


feature award numbers_6Comments Update – In 10.3.5 we expanded on the information that was included during a report, mass action or production when including comments. Adding the comment field already included the date, time and creator of the comment but when adding comments to Audio or Video files the seek time was added. This makes an easy index for video and audio evidence being presented.

Remember voting will take place on Wednesday December 16, 2020!  To vote, leave a comment with your choice. If you’re a certified administrator, you receive three credits. We will announce the winner on Friday December 18, 2020.