Here Comes the Comment

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a comment as “an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude”.  Did that just sound like the start of every Best Man speech you have ever heard? But seriously, it is summer, so weddings are everywhere. Nowadays, people have all kinds of weddings: destination, late night, inside, outside… and who knows, maybe even a PICNIC wedding.

With that in mind, we are back with our PICNIC (Painless, Intuitive, Conscious of Time, No Nonsense, Instruction Cards) series! You may have already guessed that this post has 3 new PICNICs, and these PICNICs are about Comments.

XERA’s Comments tab makes collaboration in a document collection a breeze (some might say a nice summer breeze)! Comments link to almost every type of document and clicking on a comment immediately opens the document and the area that needs team member focus.

Learn more about creating a Comment Set, linking a comment to text, an annotation, or audio/video content. View these PICNICs here.

With summer wedding season in full swing, we will continue to present you with more PICNICs, so stay tuned!