Embracing Change: Exploring iCONECT’s Latest Release and the Evolution of Features in 2023

Embracing Change: Exploring iCONECT’s Latest Release and the Evolution of Features in 2023

Typically, at the end of the year, I do a series of blog posts for Features of the Year. This year so much has changed in our new release, so it didn’t seem necessary to choose just one feature. Instead, I’ll give you my thoughts on the new release.

First, let me say I like my technology to stay the same or change very little: I still have a Hotmail email address and the Not Junk button changed earlier this year. It was an adjustment, so I won’t lie and say that our new release didn’t take some time to get used to

We are all embracing the change, but this didn’t happen the first time any of us used the new release. We all learn differently, and since I am a “hands-on” learner, I dedicated time to doing tasks in the new release. Now I am faster and more efficient, and there are new features that make my tasks much easier than before. I’ve also spent time learning why we made search changes and ensuring our Training and Technical Support teams as well.

Our Training team took our questions and experiences and developed a new course and videos that will help get you started. The Introducing iCONECT’s Latest Release course is less than an hour and the videos can be watched by any iCONECT user. Additionally, for our book/content learners, we have updated our online help to make it easy to find the information you need. And, our Support Team has created a sandbox system so users with access to an iCONECT system can become comfortable with the changes.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite new features: facets now sync automatically, tagging information is displayed in Table View for up to 8 panels, and a new mass action extracts entities from OCR, which makes finding the “unknown unknowns” ridiculously fast.

Change is hard, but this one is worth it. If you haven’t seen the new version, or if you want our training materials or access to the sandbox, reach out to our amazing Technical Support team and we will get you set up. We are here for you.


Olivia Cain

Olivia directs all technical support and training at iCONECT. Olivia’s strong leadership, analytical and problem-solving skills have allowed her to build a customer support team that regularly receives accolades from users. “I will say that the iCONECT team has been amazing. As a (recent) long-time customer of one of your competitors, this was refreshing, and reminded me of the excellent support we had when we used to run iCONECT nXT.” (Managing Partner of an eDiscovery Services Company).

Olivia has also been a key contributor to the development of new features, training and consulting for the company for the last 10+ years. Her in-depth product knowledge and project management skills continue to ensure our Quality Assurance and IT department meets the high standards set by iCONECT.