COVER Me Quickly with Mass Action Redaction

COVER Linkedin

There are certain things that just need to be COVERed up, whether it is a terrible tattoo, or the smell from the microwave after someone puts fish in it. The same is true in eDiscovery: there is certain information that needs to be COVERed. This is where Mass Action Redaction can make a big difference.

COVER is a licensed tool inside of iCONECT that allows you to bulk redact anything you can search for, including Personal Identifiable Information (PII). With iCONECT’s powerful analytic tools and Mass Action Redaction, all of the credit card numbers, or social security numbers in a data set can be redacted, or – COVERed  – with just a few clicks.

We have also made it easy to copy, move/merge and delete annotations sets. For example, with a couple of clicks you can copy all the PII or keywords you redacted to another annotation set, so if there are different cases on the same data that work doesn’t need to be duplicated, making creating annotation sets for different productions a breeze.

We have you COVERed with Mass Redaction, a feature every iCONECT system should license.

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