7 Steps to Seamless eDiscovery, Data Governance, and Data Breach Protection

 7 Steps to Seamless eDiscovery, Data Governance, and Data Breach Protection

Welcome to iCONECT’s product matrix of solutions for efficient document management, where the complexities of eDiscovery, data governance, and safeguarding against data breaches are seamlessly handled. In this blog post, we cover the iCONECT approach in seven steps. Use this to guide your review of  your current document management software, as you look to close the gap on deficiencies, and help position your data as a strategic asset for your organization.

Step 1: Comprehensive Data Mapping
Embark on your document management journey by conducting a thorough data mapping exercise. iCONECT emphasizes the importance of understanding the landscape of your data – its sources, locations, formats, security, content, and the relationships between different datasets. Creating a comprehensive data map lays the foundation for effective eDiscovery, streamlined data governance (including categorization and retention), and a proactive approach in the event of a data breach.

Step 2: Intelligent Indexing
Enhance the search capabilities of your document management system with intelligent indexing. iCONECT employs advanced indexing techniques to categorize and tag data based on meta-data and content, facilitating swift and accurate retrieval when required. This meticulous approach also assists with data governance, ensuring that sensitive information is easily identifiable, duplicate data can be culled, and redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) information can be identified and deleted.

Step 3: Robust Access Controls
Security is paramount in document management, and iCONECT excels in recognizing existing corporate access controls and creating similar controls when a third party requires access. Defining user roles, establishing permission levels, and enforcing authentication protocols can also help to safeguard against data breaches. With finely tuned access, your organization gains confidence in managing and sharing sensitive information, ideal in a world filled with PII/PHI and regulatory compliance.

Step 4: Automated Workflows
Boost efficiency and minimize human error by integrating automated workflows into your document management system. iCONECT’s approach emphasizes the automation of routine tasks, from data categorization and form extraction to compliance checks. Applying integrated workflows expedites eDiscovery processes and document intake workflows (in paper and digital format). These workflows that data governance policies and objective analysis are consistently applied, reducing the risk of compliance lapses.

Step 5: Real-time Monitoring and Reporting
Visualize your data with dynamic charts and graphs available for viewing, printing, and sharing from a dynamic dashboard. These visualizations are ideal for both initial analysis of corporate data and in-depth review and understanding of documents identified as part of an eDiscovery process. With dynamic timeline charts to multi-level pie charts with drill-down capabilities, it takes only seconds to understand your data or any subset fully.

Step 6: Continuous Compliance Audits
Compliance is an ongoing process, and iCONECT advocates continuous review of workflows and technology. Regularly assess your document management practices against industry regulations and internal policies. Identify areas for improvement, update protocols, and ensure that your organization remains resilient against evolving eDiscovery challenges and potential data breaches.

Step 7: Data Encryption and Redundancy Measures
Wrap up your document management strategy with a focus on data protection. iCONECT emphasizes the implementation of encryption measures and redundancy protocols. Look to adopt a mock phishing alert program to train your staff when to click and when to question inbound emails and documents. Safeguard your data against unauthorized access or loss with multi-factor authentication, and by following these steps, ensure that your organization can recover quickly and maintain data integrity even in the event of a breach.

Mastering document management is a strategic imperative in today’s digital landscape. With iCONECT’s 7-step approach, you can confidently navigate the complexities of eDiscovery, data governance, and data breach protection. Transform your document management system from a mere tool into a powerful ally, ensuring the security, accessibility, and compliance of your organization’s valuable information.

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 Ian Campbell


Ian Campbell is Founder/Chief Marketing Officer of iCONECT Development LLC, a global market leader in producing cutting-edge, innovative eDiscovery software products and services for the legal industry. He is responsible for sales operations and business development, product lifecycle development, legal service provider (LSP) and partner relations. With his 20+ year career in legal technology and 60+ speaking engagements, his key priority to is cross-market the company’s technology to the data challenges faced in information governance, incident response and government sectors.