Becoming iCONECT Certified

iCONECT foundational certifications equip reviewers, project managers and administrators with the tools to review and manage any type of matter. iCONECT power reviewer training empowers users to confidently review their documents. For project managers and administrators, we have courses that help you set up projects and efficient workflows to maximize user experience.

Review the iCONECT foundational certifications below to see what will be best for you!

Certified Power Reviewer

Learn all about the basic end user functions in iCONECT.

Prerequisite: None

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Certified Analytics Reviewer

Learn how iCONECT Analytics can help speed up your review with iVIEW Graphs, Near Duplicate, Email Threading  & Similar Concepts.

Prerequisite: Power Reviewer

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Certified Project Manager with a Specialization in Analytics

Learn how to manage an iCONECT project by setting up users, security, fields, coding tags, productions, analytics and more.

Prerequisite: Power Reviewer & Analytic Reviewer course

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Certified System Administration

Learn advanced iCONECT functions: set up project structure, brand the interface, load data, build indexes, use iCONECT Manager and more.


Prerequisite: Project Manager course

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Already a Certified Project Manager or Administrator
and want to learn about analytics?

 Don’t worry we have you covered!

Certified Analytics Administrator

Learn how to build analytical indexes, and use iCONECT’s CAL model of Predict & Oversight. You will also learn how to use Xmplar to improve searching and how to use predictive review to tackle complex matters.

iCONECT Certified Administrator certification is a prerequisite.

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To become an iCONECT Certified Administrator you must take and pass all iCONECT foundational certifications: the Certified Power Reviewer Course, Certified Project Manager Course and Certified System Administration Course. This certification is available to individuals employed by a company with an iCONECT server or affiliated partner.

As an iCONECT Certified Project Manager or Administrator, you become a part of our Continued Online iCONECT Learning (COiL) program and attend monthly webinars to retain and expand upon your iCONECT knowledge.