Discovery of Video and Audio: a Chris Dale Article

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Chris Dale gives full marks for the joint video presentation between Bill Hamilton and Ian Campbell, iCONECT CEO, which highlights how iCONECT-XERA’s multimedia features enable people to review documents in ‘the same way as one reviews more traditional documents.’ 

iCONECT Secures Multimillion-Dollar Funding from Investment Firm Fraser Mackenzie Merchant Capital

Press Releases  |  posted on July 13th, 2016 by iCONECT  |  read more

iCONECT today announced a multimillion-dollar agreement with FMMC Private Yield Fund (FMMC), a private investment fund managed by Fraser Mackenzie Merchant Capital. This agreement will support the ongoing development of iCONECT’s flagship XERA document review platform and its continued expansion in the legal eDiscovery field, as well as its entrance into Healthcare and Finance industries.