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Software should be easy. otherwise we’d just call it hardware.

Legal review is hard enough. Your software shouldn’t be. Simplify your life and your projects with XERA. Built in HTML5, XERA is an intuitive, multi-browser, hosted eDiscovery review platform built to optimize the review, analysis and production of electronically stored information (ESI). Operating on a SQL® or Oracle® database, XERA was built for big data to empower legal teams to maximize productivity through its easy to navigate interface, enhanced social collaboration and remote accessibility features. XERA provides legal professionals with unprecedented control over the entire eDiscovery review process.

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XERA Features / Benefits

XERA represents the evolution of online hosted review platforms that improve efficiency and streamline workflows for legal review and collaborative investigations. XERA provides a multitude of features and benefits. 

  • Intuitive Interface – find more data quicker with XERA’s intuitive interface
  • Streamlined Collaboration – communicate more fluently with advanced collaboration
  • Remote Accessibility – access XERA from any browser to get projects done
  • HTML5 Multi-Platform / Browser Compatibility – HTML5 technology enables review on any platform or browser
  • Expansive Scalability - get unlimited scalability in excess of 12tb with XERA
  • Multi-Language Compatible – conduct reviews worldwide with multi-language support

XERA With Optional Embedded Database Technology

XERA provides users with multi-platform choices to use XERA. This powerful optional product enhancement enables users to manage data directly through XERA’s interface to help reduce overall support costs.

  • Embedded [powered by Oracle®]
  • Operating on your SQL® or Oracle enterprise environment
“XERA is a game-changer in the industry.”, - Joshua Gilliland, eDiscovery Attorney & Blogger – Bow Tie Law Blog

XERA Advanced Analytics

Since shattering market expectations with its multi-browser, easy to use, mobile XERA eDiscovery Review Platform, iCONECT continues to set the precedent for innovation with the release of Advanced Analytics and its one of a kind Xmplar™ “Custom Find Similar” functionality. Harnessing the power and flexibility of HTML5 while running on SQL® or Oracle® database engines, XERA’s new Advanced Analytics empowers legal teams to perform seamless analysis directly within the review tool itself – helping decrease search time, increase quality and minimize overall review costs.

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XERA Advanced Analytics – Summary Features & Benefits

  • Analytics Seamlessly Within Review – Enables users to perform seamless Advanced Analytics functions directly within the review tool itself to eliminate import/export time, increase review accuracy and streamline overall workflow
  • Xmplar “Custom Find Similar” – iCONECT’s patent-pending technology that enables users to collaboratively create a customized “perfect document” to act as a model or “exemplar” providing users with more control over conceptual search resulting in fewer false positives and more specific search results
  • Intelligent Batching – Enables users to create review batches based on conceptual clusters to generate more precise document coding while streamlining the entire review process
    • Find and batch tag near-duplicate documents
    • Review e-mails by message threads for context and bulk-tagging
    • Find related documents that share common fields
    • Retrieve conceptually similar documents as you review content